Cu Chi Tunnels


Sight Overview

Ariel shot of the Cu Chi tunnels

Tunnel Entry

This is one of the entry points to the underground tunnels

Now You See Me

Our guides gives us a demo and jumps into a tunnel entry point


The guide decends into the tunnel and places the lid on top

Now You Don't

The guide literally disappears underground. We were unable to find the entry point on the ground because it was disguised by leaves

Wide Hips

Chris (at a size 8) is too big to fit into the entry to the tunnel

Big Foot

Hugh's foot gives an even better view of how small the entry point is



More Boobytraps

Most of these traps had very sharp spikes that were designed to pierce the body and kill American troops

Tunnel Vision

This is the view from a small hole inside one of the tunnels. The hole was practically undetectable from the outside

Inside View

Chris crawls down to a lower level inside the tunnels

Tunnel View

This gives you an idea of how small the tunnels are. The tunnels were also made 20% larger for tourists

AK 47

Hugh felt very strange firing this war-era AK-47 weapon at Cu Chi, site of so many causalities

Combat Scene

Hugh fires off a few rounds at the shooting range. While we were exploring the tunnels gunfire was exploding all around us which made us feel as if we were in the middle of combat

Snake Whisky

The Vietnamese men drink this snake whiskey for sexual reasons. Our guide referred to it as Vietnam Viagra. We suggested that they label it "V2"


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