Pictures Taken on February 25-28, 2002

Melbourne Skyline

Plump Lady with Roo

When we arrived in Melbourne, this happy lady was sitting in the city square holding a baby roo. Check out the baby clothes.

Royal Showers

Chris Hempel and Chris Cooper enjoy the thunder and lighting shower on Royal Melbourne. We managed to avoid the rain until the 16th hole. This famous course is ranked in the Top 10 in the world and our scores proved it.

Refurbished Army House

These refurbished army houses outside of Melbourne can go for up to $1 million dollars.

Army Quarters 2

A smaller one story version but just as nice.

Flinders St. Station

Clock tower at Flinders Station in Melbourne. "Under the clocks" is a popular meeting place.

Aussie Store

Aussie humor at its best

Psychedelic Bench

This is the sort of thing you might find in Berkeley, however, we found it on Brunswick street in the Fitzroy district of Melbourne

Tin Sunflower

Garden shop on Brusnwick Street

Golf Punk Girls.

Golf Punk is a popular brand with the hip crowd

Wall Bees

Not honey bees, or wallabees but wall bees. On Brunswick street.

Queen Bee

Manequins on Chapel Street

Found in the fashion zone of Melbourne.

Hey Pinky, Check him out.


A lot of goodies

Caterpillar Roll

Yum...we had this fabulous sushi roll at Koko restaurant in the Crown Casino Complex which houses the world's largest casino (in the southern hemisphere).

Birth Certificate Beef

Can you believe this? You can request a birth certificate of the cow (nose print and all) when you order the high priced beef at Koko!

Stepping Up

Chris on the massive staircase at the Crown Casino Complex

Water Show 1

We snapped some abstract shots at the Crown Casino indoor water show and exhibit.


DoDo DoDo

Water Wonders

Hotel Windsor

Historic Hotel in downtown Melbourne that we stayed at.

Sunset Somewhere

We like this sunset shot, however, we're not sure where we snapped it. Somewhere in Melbourne...maybe from St. Kilda.


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