Golden Buddha 1

It's hard to believe but this buddha is believed to be 5 tons of solid 18k gold


Chris enjoys her first ride in a tuk-tuk (motorcycle cart)

Street Vendor

Street vendors are everywhere in Bangkok and they carry these heavy basket contraptions on their shoulders

Buttons Galore

You could spend weeks in this store looking at buttons

Window Manequins

We found these semi naked manequins in a Bangkok store window

Street Sweeper

Broom vendor selling his handmade items

Policeman or Terrorist?

Would you believe this is a policeman? They wear these masks to protect themselved from pollution and sun

Shrimp Anyone?

This street vendor sells Tiger shrimp on the sidewalk...

Mixed Signals

Electrical wires in Bangkok are above ground and look like rats nests. Now wonder they have so many problems

Bangkok's BART

Hugh waits for Bangkok's version of BART.

Feeding Time

Chris looks a little hesitant and she feeds a baby elephant on Patpong street

Patpong Street

We were handed a "menu" detailing different acts we could see if we went inside this establishment. Pretty weird and crazy menu so we kept walking


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