Singapore Street Scenes


Four Masks

Found in China town

Chinese Concoctions

A store in Singapore's China town district selling delightfully smelling items...NOT

Soup Anyone?

These GIANT cookpots were sitting on the sidewalk in China town. The bottom pot was at least 24in in diameter

Closeline Singapore Style

It's hard to imagine, however, many people in Singapore dry their clothing directly out of high rise buildings

Would You Want This Neighbor?

A colorful house/temple in Singapore's Little India district

Can You Say Spicy?

We had a great meal at Banana Leaf Restaurant in Little India. Although most people eat with their fingers, we were lucky to get forks


This is a sacred temple cow that we ran across while walking in the Little India district

Fixer Upper?

Many of the houses on the side streets in Little India were run down, like this one.

Nap Time

We found these four men literally exhausted after cutting acres of grass with small weed whackers in 100 degree heat/humidity.

Singapore Shop Houses

Renovated shop houses in the Emerald Hills area

The Alley Bar

Some creative person built a roof over the alley between two buildings and created one of Singapore's coolest bars

Raffles Fountain

Chris enjoys a rest at the fountain in the courtyard of the famous Raffles Hotel


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