"Follow Me" Taxi

Check out the sign on the roof of this old escort taxi in Hanoi's new airport

Red Glowing Lanterns

We spotted these cool lanterns in a shop on the narrow streets of Hanoi

Plastic Buddhas

We've seen thousands of ancient buddha images throughout Asia as well as these funny plastic ones

Chinese Water Puppets

We attended a famous Chinese water puppet show in Hanoi and enjoyed it immensely

King's Procession

The water puppet show had a number of different scenes, including this one called "King's procession"

Bigger Chair, Please?

It looks like Hugh is visiting a Kindergarten class but this is a typical restaurant chair in Hanoi's local restaurants

Chicken Washing Machine

You would not believe this chicken killing and defeathering contraption. Young ladies would take a live chicken and stick in in the spinning machine. Out popped a dead featherless chicken.

All Cleaned Up

Here's a close up of a hen coming out from the contraption we named the "chicken washing machine"

Eeyew! Yuck!

A big bowl of eels found at a market in Hanoi. They love these things here!

Crabs Anyone?

These are deep fried crabs found at the market.vvDon't worry. We didn't buy any of these.

Cab, Hanoi style

Chris enjoyes a bike cab to a restaurant in Hanoi

Hey, Look at Me.

Chris snapped this picture of Hugh from her bike. You can't see the traffic around us but there was a lot of it

Mother and Son

Our guide Thuy with her son.

Ceramic Center

We visited a pottery/ceramic center on our way back from Halong Bay. Workers were hand turning clay and hand painting pots.

Pot Paint

A young woman paints one of the hundreds of ceramic pots that she is responsible for each day

Jars and Jars


Row of Pots

Rows and rows of pots were everywhere at the ceramic center


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