On April 11th, we left Hoi An for a city located a few hours north called Hue (pronounced H-way).  On the way to Hue, we crossed a mountain pass in a terrible rainstorm which made the roads seem even more treacherous.

When we arrived in Hue, we headed directly to a local restaurant for lunch.  During the middle of lunch, Chris noticed two guys walking towards the table adjacent to ours.  As she looked up, she recognized a very familiar face. It was Bill Demas, one our friends from home!  What an amazing coincidence!

What is even more remarkable about this story is that we tried to meet up with Bill in January in New Zealand  while we were both visiting the South Island.  Unfortunately, we could not make it happen.  As it turns out, Bill headed back to the States and we continued with our trip.  Neither of us knew that we would be in Viet Nam a few months later, let alone a very small and remote city.

We enjoyed Hue and visited some interesting and historic sights in including the Perfume River, the Citadel and the Imperial Tombs.  To see more, click on the links below:

Perfume River
Imperial Tombs
Chance Meeting
Hue Streets


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