Hill Tribes


Breaking Bread

This picture is our favorite from Viet Nam. This is probably the first time these shy young children have ever had bread

Home Sweet Home

Mom and the kids

Shy boy

This little guy was so cute and loved the bread we gave him

Holding up the roof

Modern Appliance

This sewing machine was definitely the highest order of modern convenience that we saw in this village

Note the small boy

Young Man

By chance we this young boy's picture in the market, visited his school in Sapa and found him at his hilltribe home for the weekend

Red Heads

The "red Zao" tribe people wear these headresses and eloborate dresses everywhere

Constantly selling!

These two hilltribe ladies followed Chris for about two hours trying to convince her to "buy from me"

Follow the yellow brick road...

New Road

Being built by hand for the villagers and the increased tourist traffic


Permanently accompanied everywhere


Home for 8-10

Multiple generations share one roof


Inside the dirt floored home. The living is very primitive

Stove top stufing?

No electricty and no gas forces the typical family to cook over fire wood

Stand Aside

These water buffalo were being herded by a boy that looked about 8 years old. He was actually around 13

Tractor and plough

This scene is typical all over Vietnam

Departure view


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