Jet Boat on Shotover River

Wet and wild ride that would NEVER happen in the USA because no one would insure them!

Jet Boat

These boats do 50mph up these canyons and do 360 degree spins without warning. Very thrilling

Very Fashionable!

Golf Group Photo before Jet Boat

Jet Boat Dare Devil

"Captain" of our Jetboat

Old Building on Milbrook Resort

Artsy picture by Chris of an old stone building that was part of the mill/farm.

Lavender sprays

WIld flowers in front of an old building

Golf Ball Scooper

Fun picture of the driving range cleaner-upper

Original blacksmiths shop

Les and Eunice Nishimura

Friends from Montreux Golf Club

The Club House

View across the 18th green. Tough finishing hole across the water.

Sandbagger cleans up!

Chris showing of her winnings for a second day in a row! Handicap adjusted down accordingly

Landscape from Helicopter

Almost fake looking shot of the beautiful valley surrounding Queenstown

Helicopter and Glacier

Find the helicopter to understand the scale of these mountains. We were in a 2nd copter following the leader...

Bill & Starr Campbell on a Glacier

Friends from Montreux Golf Club

Chris is cleared for take-off

Fun picture of Chris as she pilots our copter over the glaciers... NOT!

Copter Frozen by Glacier

Amazing clouds made this trip really interesting!

Find the Copter 2

Another amazing shot of the scale of these incredible glaciers

Find the copter 3

This is our favorite!

Find the copter 4

Look at the size of this waterfall! The copters were used to film Lord of the Rings scenery in this very area!

Aerial view of Millbrook Golf Resort

Coming in for a landing as we return from our 2 hour Helicopter tour

Lake Wakatipu and Kelvin Heights Golf Course

This is the amazing lake that Queestown sits upon. The little peninsula contains a wonderful little "muni" that has incredible 360 views on every hole.

Steamership SS Earnslaw at dock

This 100+ year old coal fired steamship has been running people to their stations (farms) for years

Old farmhouse now a tourist trap

Gorgeous old building has become a cafeteria style tourist trap where you eat with about 500 of your closest friends.

Earnslaw steaming in the rain on Wakatipu

The old steamer coming back to pick us up

Bob & Jan Davidson

Snapshot from steamership SS Earnslaw.

Sheepshearing Demonstration

After dinner entertainment included sheep dog show and a shearing which only last 45 seconds and came off in one piece!

Singing in the Rain

James Varum doing his Fred Astaire impersonation

Sunset over the Earnslaw Deck

Shot from the pilothouse



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