Harbor Sail


Pictures Taken on February 17th, 2002


This shark was caught in nets outside of Sydney Harbor and brought back to the famous Sydney fish market. This particular shark was still alive at the time this picture was snapped and that is why Chris is standing back.

Madonna's Bra

Yes, that is what they call this bridge in Sydney. There are actually two towers on this bridge and from a distance the bridge looks like the bra Madonna wore in a video a few years back.


Claudios is famous for its fish and oysters. We were told that the famous chef Tetsuya procurs all his oysters from Claudios. We tried a few and they were delicious.


Peter Miles..... looking gooooood!

Alex and his buddies

Australian Rap Star?

Alex checking out the scenery......girls!

Hugh Sets Sail

Hugh enjoying the boat on Sydney Harbor.

Belinda Brown

Harbor Crew

Looks like fun....if you didn't have to use an oar.

Dramamine Girl

Looks like the dramamine and wristbands are working for Chris.

Belinda Miles

Hey mate, I think she likes you.

Alex and friend enjoying the day.

Don't Sail Into This

This beacon was right in the middle of the harbor to help guide boats. Sydney is in the background

Alex or Camilla - we can't tell.

The Brown girls were born a year apart but you can't tell. Beats us as to who this is. Our guess? Camilla.


At least part time!

Looking GQ.

Home To The Harbor

We're winding down the day at this point and heading back to the harbor.


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