Sydney BBQ


Pictures Taken on March 10, 2002

Golfing at Terrey Hills

Alan and Peter with Chris at the lovely Terrey Hills CC outside of Sydney

Afternoon BBQ at the Brown's

A few bottle of outstanding Aussie Vino

Parrot and Bottle Brush

Australia is chock full of gorgeous colorful birds!

B& B

Belinda Brown and Belinda Miles

BBQ chef reposes

A brief break from the heat of the grill

Yellow is his color

Peter Miles looking fashionable in Billabong chapeau


The Bs thought I would never put the camera down...

Moth: genus unknown

More colorful Australian wildlife. This butterfly was the size of a large grapefruit

Mating Dance?

They appeared to have a thing for each other...

Team Photo

The Miles' and Brown's with Chris for a first toast

Missing Kitty?

Belinda holds one of their two cats that had gone missing the night before...

Kitty Art

Poster for cat food commercial?

Cat Royalty

Pampered pussy...

Great kids!

Molly and Alex Miles (blue/white) with Camilla and Alex Brown (orange/red)

Kids II

They only look like they are having fun...

Molly Brown

Cliff jumper! You had to be there!

Great Smile!

Mom and Molly

Team Photo

Team Photo II

Team Photo III


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