Pictures Taken on February 13-20, 2002

Australian Golf Club Gang

New friends Peter Miles and David Boward show us a great time at the manicured Australian Golf Club. We got to see the spot where Greg Norman hit a double eagle from about 250 meters around a blind dog-leg left!

QE2 in Sydney Harbor

You can see the harbor bridge and the Opera House in the background. They paint the smoke stack of the QE2 everytime she comes to port. Beautiful ship!

Sails and Arches

One of the best views in Sydney and the world. The Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.

Sydney Skyline

Taken from the "coffee cruise" on the harbor.

A Beacon to the Harbor

This lighthouse is the marker to the entrance to Sydney's beautiful harbor.

Swanky Sydney Suburb

Some of the 1000s of houses overlooking the harbor

Blue Skyline

Another shot of a great Sydney skyline

Bridge Shadow

The longest suspension bridge of its type taken directly underneath

Bridge Climbers

Can you see the little ants on top? We climbed the bridge along with hundreds that now do it everyday...

Thumbs up!

Chris and Hugh on top of the Sydney Harbor bridge in 100 degree heat wearing nylon track suits. The views were awesome, which made the climb worth it.

Botanical Pyramid

Hot house in Sydney's amazing botanical gardens

Holy Bats!

They call them "flying foxes." These bats are literally the size of a small dog and thousands flock to and from the city everyday.

Bat Heaven

Bats hanging upside down. It was very creepy to see them in broad day light.

This is not an Eagle!

Look closely at the wings.

Boomerang? Not!

It's a flying bat.

Harbor OverHead

Full Bridge Span

It's difficult to get a shot where you can see the full span of the bridge.

Last Night in Sydney

Chris in front of the W Hotel in the refurbished dock area of Wooloomooloo. Fantastic farewell dinner at Otto Restaurant


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