Amandari Hotel


Pool side

One of the best pool views ever

Worshiping Courtyard

These types of structures can be found all around Bali. This one was in the lobby of the Amandari

Pinhead Hut

Can you see the thatched roof hut in the distance?

Balinese Walkway

The entry to our villa was on the right

The Room

This was only the downstairs area.

Bali Bamboo

This beautiful bamboo was located right outside our room

Romantic Retreat

We had a traditional Balinese feast one evening in this hut

Bali Sunset

Brochure Shot?

The Amandari could use this shot of the lobby in their marketing materials

Levitating Hut

This hut sits over the pool and at night Gambelon musicians play very traditional music for guests

Gambelon 2

Another shot of the hut at sunset

Star Service

The Amandari staff are incredible and we enjoyed meeting many of them during our stay

Goodbye, Bali style

Follow the pictorial instructions if you want to say hello, goodbye or thank you in Bali


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