Back Roads


Bali Sunrise

We snapped this picture early one morning on our way to play golf at Bali Handara

Mountain Village

Most Balinese villages look like this one


Frog sculptures in a colorful lily pad setting

Riverraft Convention

The raft trip was exciting but the water was reeeeeally dirty/muddy.

Open Air Bar

There's a fantastic view from this bar at the modern Four Seasons resort in Ubud

Green Dragonfly

This dragonfly flew right next to us and we were fortunate to have the camera "on" before it took off


This old car seemed really out of place in the mountains of Bali


We thought this life size puppet replica was really cool

Three Puppets

Notice the expressions on the puppets faces


The construction of this stone step shows you how creative the Balinese people are when they work with their hands


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