Cremation Ceremony


The Village

The entire village gathers for the cremation of one of their members

The Fire

Wood and gasoline begins the cremation

The Priest

The village priest making the prayers

Is That Digital?

The people were mesmerized by our digital camera. Many had not seen pictures of themselves before

It's My IceCream

The young boy's expression in this picture is priceless

Village Elder

This old Balinese man loved having his picture take by us

Boy, We Look Good

We stopped worrying about our wrinkles when we saw this picture.

Village Women

They are dressed in black to show their respect.


The offerings the Balinese people make are very simple ( a few eggs, rice, or coins). Most offering are made by hand. They have very little money so an egg is of great value

Ceremonial Offering

All people make offerings during the celebration, even the children

Sticky Rice

Towards the end of the ceremon, small pieces of rice were handed out to the entire group and they placed it on their foreheads

Balinese Prayer

The family says a prayer for the deceased relative

To The River

The family heads to the river to send the ashes to the sea. They invite us along

All Choked Up

Chris stands next to the son of the deceased man and gets all choked up watching the final moments of the ceremony

Final Moments

This family member is gathering all the offerings as the ashes to send to the sea

The Plunge

Family member prepares to jump into the river with the ashes

Sail Away

The final act in the ceremony - a handmade boat floats down stream


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