A Lazy Afternoon

Typical Balinese rice farming family

Four Old Codgers

Social hour in the local snack shop by the river


All the kids in Bali wear different colored uniforms to designate which schools they attend

Bali Car

Bikes/scooters are the typical mode of transport in Bali

Kiddie Rice

This shy boy finally waved to us after several minutes of looking at us and wondering why we were pointing a big black thing (camera) at him

Java Boy

This young boy saw our car coming and ran out of the rice fields to say hello. We learned from our driver that his family are migrant rice workers from Java


This young man carves buddhas and other works of art from blocks of sandstone. Notice the safety glasses

Fashion Statement

This lady wore her shade hat over her helmet as well as gloves, pants and jacket during our river rafting trip.


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