Milford Track Day  2


Late Check-out?

Chris at 9am looking ready for an 8 hour hike.

Reaching the Summit

Top of the World

Well almost :~)

Low Flying Clouds

Apparently this view is rarely seen. The top of this pass is almost always socked in.

Mountain Parrot

These gorgeous little devils are said to be the smartest creatures in the bird realm. This one's partner was opening the zipper on our pack and eating our sandwiches while we took these pictures

Glacier Cut

All of these valleys and ponds were left behind by giant glaciers

The Youngsters at Summit

These 3 represented the youngest part of the group of 44

The long way home

This is our descent path. It leads to the famous Milford Sound

Feeling Good

Throughout most of our 'tramping" we both felt very good and enjoyed the hard workouts each day

Waterfall Galore

We saw more beautiful waterfalls than can be counted. None of the pictures can do the falls justice

Mirror required

The only way to get this mountain and the river into the same shot was to use the reflection

My Kingdom for a Fishing Rod

Throughout the hike we saw trout the size of a small labrador retriever

Jack and Chris

Jack hiked with Chris and I for the better part of a day. He stopped talking only when he was eating. Luckily he had some very entertaining things to discuss. Jack was made an honorary guide due to his friendly demeanor

Load limit 3 people

Only kidding


Chris arrives at the next "hut" after about 8 hours of pretty serious hiking.


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