Milford Track Day 4


Dwarfed by Nature

This gigantic cruise ship is lost in the Milford Sound

1000 Feet

The waterfall in the foreground is about this height

What do you see?

Baby seal? Lots of wildlife everywhere in the sound

Clouds for effect

We were lucky to see the sound in great weather

"Dry Season"

Imagine this waterfall during the wet season!

That is not my bald spot in the picture


UnderWater Observatory

There is a really cool underwater observatory where the sailboat is docked.

Does anyone have extra film?

Many folks failed to bring enough on this 3 hour cruise

Feeling a bit small

It was impossible to feel anything but tiny in this place

Cold and Deep

The water in the sound is 1000s of feet deep and about 50 degrees F

Straight Drop-off

The walls of the sound are virtually vertical allowing the big ships to visit easily

Not Easy to Visit

The Milford sound can only be reached by a long hike, a helicopter/airplane, or a very long bus ride

Good Perspective

It was great to have this massive ship in the sound to provide "scale"

Beauty and the Beast?

Beware Man Wielding Camera

Farewell too soon


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