Milford Track Day 1


The Journey Begins

We start with a 2 hour boat ride across this amazing lake

Only a teaser

This is just the beginning of 3 days of incredible views and nature

Reflecting the Path

Our path takes us directly up this valley and over the small hill in the far distance

Longest Suspension Crossing

This was the first and longest of the bridges. Chris models her new orange jacket

Hanging on for dear life

She only looks nonchalant

Amazingly Sunny Weather

This track sees the sun only 20% of the time. We had 8 straight days.

Water Everywhere

Even with the dry weather, there were beautiful ponds and streams at every turn

Feather Grass Meadows

Abundant Wild Flowers

Moon Shot

Woke up one evening and looked out the window to see a full moon coming up

Moon 2

This photo only tries to capture the magic


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