Milford Track Day 3


Dream and Nightmare

Another futile attempt at capturing a waterfall's actual beauty

True Outdoorsmen

Fern Tree Groves

A great deal of the Milford Track is spent in the lush undergrowth of these mountain rain forests

Deep Valleys

It is hard to give adequate perspective to the scale of these valleys.

Drinkable and Beautiful

All of the water throughout this trip was safe to drink!

First Glimpse

Our "return boat" approaches as we get our first look at the incredible Milford Sound

33.5 Beautiful Miles

A very famous sign marking the end of a very famous track

Kiwi Flag

Bow Rider

Chris grabs this great shot over the bow

Room with a View

This is an actual view through the actual window from our actual room

View from Outside the Room

Gnarly Tree

Feather Grass Sunset

Shot from outside the Milford Sound hotel at Sunset

Sunset Sound


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