Routeburn Track Day 1


Start of the Journey

The Routeburn usually has 24 hikers. We were very lucky to have only 6 which insured that each couple had their own "private" bunk rooms

Barb and Paul

The most amazing instance of a "small world". These folks are the parents of our good friend Cyndi Treuhaft. What are the odds?

Reflection Lake

This is the actual name of this lake on the road to the track

Our 1st Vista

Unlike the Milford, the Routeburn is mostly hiked above the bushline providing many more incredible views

Take off the name tag you dork

100 and counting

There were lots of these little jewels along the way

Our Guide Carrie

Having a small group meant we got a lot more access to the guide

Natural Made Shower

Chris poses for "scale"

Catching a few Rays?

Catching my breath...

Good Napping Spot

Great Weather Continues

The groups on this track before us had rain. The group after got SNOW!

Dead Tree

Beautiful vista marred by dead tree


Top of the World

First day was a significant uphill effort.

Still in Shock

The four of us were still amazed by the coincidence of being on the same track with only 1 other couple

Ocean Views from 30 miles

At the very end of this valley you can see the Tasman Sea

Extra Rations

Fortunately this hiker left their pack before jumping



Bringing up the Rear

My usual view from the back of the pack


Happy to be there


The hills are alive...

Not a pose

I swear!

Little Birdy

Real or Memorex?

Next Stop

3 miles thataway...


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